Project Management

Project Management is the science and act of controlling the steps and interconnected processes required for a successful restoration or new construction project. We at Complete work with many General Contractors, Developers, Drying Contractors, and specialty subs in identifying a critical path that works for each unique situation. These steps typically include planning, potential site acquisition and development, including suitability studies for floodplain management, soil bearing, and infrastructure needs. After a site is selected and the characteristics of that site are know, decisions but be made as to what is most cost effective, a means of providing a structure that will serve the end purpose. These may include selection of foundations that are suitable for the sit including stem-wall, slab on grade, or piling, along with understanding of the water-shedding capacities of a particular development. The selection and detailed work requirements are a portion of the work often given to us to complete. We utilize Xactimate estimating software and gant (or critical path) planning to detail the exact specifications, quantities, and cost allowances for every phase of the work. In the case of new construction, running from foundation to finish. In the case of a restoration this may include demolition and remediation before restoration, each with its own corresponding and necessary time allowances. In many occasions our projects may be very large and require the use of many different contractors, subs, and consultants. Each of these specialists must be implemented at the right time and in the right sequence, so as to make sense for the overall project. The hiring of an outside project manager or owners rep can provide great benefits towards successful conclusion.


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